Breathe by Design hair and beauty was established by Lorraine de Lange and has its origins in a wellness centre located in Constantia 2013.

The move to Westlake Lifestyle Centre was made with gusto and enthusiasm and the salon received a total makeover, from top to bottom, bringing a fresh and sophisticated unique look and style to the business.

Breathe by Design isn’t just a place for style and beauty, it’s a place to find confidence and to just “let your hair down” a little.  We offer top of the range products and service in a fantastic setting, it is accompanied by a personal touch of family and belonging.

For a sophisticated and elegant ambience, coupled with first class treatments and product and topped off with exceptional care and attention to detail regarding your personal needs, resulting in a sense of belonging, there isn’t a salon in the Southern suburbs that can hold a candle to Breathe by Design.

Thanks to our team of therapists, stylists and loyal clientele, we’re not just your average hair salon – we’re a one stop beauty destination!

We Offer
  • Body Treatments

    Massage, Waxing & Hair Removal

  • Nail Treatments

    Manicures, Pedicures & Nail Lacquers.

  • Facial Treatments

    Cleanses, Skin Rejuvenation & Scrubs.

  • Hair Styling

    Cutting, Styling, Colour & Treatments.